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Year 1 - Palm

Friday 27.03.2020

Good morning!

Can you believe we have nearly finished our first week?

You are all making me so proud! I know you are making your adults at home proud too by the incredible messages and photos I’m so lucky to keep being sent, keep it up you superstars! ⭐️

It’s been really lovely to see photos of some  of you enjoying being outside in the beautiful sunshine we have had this week.

So today’s challenge is to do something outside, absolutely anything!

(Please make sure you follow the Prime Minister’s rules and do this safely).

You could go for a walk, eat your lunch outside, do one of our weekly activities outside, look for some wildlife, absolutely anything you want!

Can’t wait to see what you choose to do! ☀️


My email address is  if you haven’t used it already.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!     


Joke of the day!

Q: How does the ocean say hello?

A: It waves.

Ready for a Picnic - Rhino Read Aloud Book

Author: Celia Warren This series of colourful, imaginative books encourage beginning and reluctant readers to develop the confidence to become independent reader...

Thursday 26.03.2020

Dear children!!!

Well this is a little bit different week! Don`t you think?

I’m going to really miss seeing your faces every day!!

And I would really love to see what you are all up to on your first week at home! Please email me ( ) with some pictures that I can add to our class gallery - it is very empty at the moment! surprise

Yesterday I went for a walk in the sunshine around where I live (making sure I listened to the Prime Minister’s rules when I was out) and saw lots of beautiful rainbow pictures in people’s windows.

They really cheered me up!  Have you made one for your window yet?

I would love to see it if you have!

I’m going to make one for my window later.

I’ll send you all a photo when it is finished! heart


Today Emma learnt how to grow sweet peas and daises from seeds !!!

That was a very busy day for her!

Now we are waiting for our tiny seeds to grow!

Today’s challenge is a bit of a chilly one...

Can you find a small toy, put it in some water and put it in the freezer?

When the water has frozen and turned to ice, see how you can get the toy back out.

You might want to freeze a few toys separately and use a few ideas to see which way works best to free the toy! Good luck!

Speak to you soon!

Mrs Wagner


Remember now every morning:

9:00 PE with Joe 

11:00 Elevenses with David Walliams 


From Monday 23rd March and for the next two weeks,  SPEEDY SOUNDS films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

Set 1 -9.30 am (GMT) 

Set 2-10.00 am 

Set 3 -10.30 am




Jokes of the day!

Q: Where do cows go for entertainment? 
A: The mooooo-vies! 


Let`s plant some seeds today!

We Plant A Seed! - ebook

A first start Science book about how plants grow!

Wednesday 25.03.2020

Good morning everyone!

What a sunny day we had yesterday! How did you spend your day?

I decided to make something really yummy ...and we baked a bread!



Baking bread is a great project for a six-year-old because YOU can handle the entire process from start to finish with very little help an adult.

(Maybe they want to measure the ingredients, and  probably want to handle the oven, but apart from that, there is nothing in bread making that is all that difficult!)

And most important - we all love bread!!!


Another great news is that :


"Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams ’ World’s Worst Children stories,

so sit down...take a break...and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!"



Remember now every morning:

9:00 PE with Joe wink

11:00 Elevenses with David Walliams cheeky


and now...

Joke of the day!

Q: Why did the melon jump into the lake? 
A: It wanted to be a water-melon. 

Tuesday 24.03.2020

Hello Year 1!

It is our second official day  of learning from home! 

Remember! You can find all the tasks for the week in the "Week 1".

9:00- let`s start with Joe-  Tuesday 24th March 2020

9:30 -Have a go at some of the Literacy activities. 

10.00 - Stop for a snack, a break and some fresh air!

10.30 - Now have a go at some of the Maths activities. 

11.15 - Have a look at some of the online learning links - try out one of the recommended ones before you choose an activity of your choice.

12.00 - Time for a break and some lunch....maybe you could help your mum?

After lunch-Time for phonics- Look for Phonics Folder.

Please try to read daily - 10 minutes!

And remember to practise your weekly spellings everyday.


I have also added some pictures -in Gallery- of our fantastic last day at school!


Hope you have a wonderful sunny day with your families!

Miss you all!


Mrs Wagner


Joke of the day:

What did one plate say to the other plate?

Dinner is on me!



Play with colours - Can you make a rainbow to put in your window/door to spread some joy and hope? I`m waiting for you pictures!

Monday 23.03.2020

Hello my lovely children!

How are you all doing? How was your weekend?

I hope you are all spending time really well together with your families!

Starting at 9.00 am on Monday 23rd March, Joe Wicks is going to be hosting a free daily 30 minute workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel, 'The Body Coach TV'.

Let`s burn off some energy every morning!



P.E with Joe  Monday 23rd March 2020


Joke of the Day!

Q: Where does the chicken like to eat? 
A: At a rooster-ant!


Sunday 22.03.2020 - Happy Mother`s Day!

Sunday 22.03.2020 - Happy Mother`s Day! 1
Sunday 22.03.2020 - Happy Mother`s Day! 2

Year 1- Palm Class Home Learning during the Coronavirus closure


In accordance with the latest government advice, we have had to close some of the school, until further notice. Of course, this is not ideal but with your help, we will endeavour to keep your child’s learning moving forward during this unprecedented situation.

 On a weekly basis I will post suggestions for activities, projects, websites and videos that we would like your child to access. Frequently, this will involve logging in to the LGFL (London Grid For Learning- ) suite of websites.

 You will have recently received a letter with your child’s individual username and password. These login details will remain in place for the duration of your child's time at St Richard's, so please keep them safe and secure.

 Go to website:

 Look for the red 'USO Login' button (at the top) to enter your username and password.

 You may find the following parents’ guides to maths and grammar useful:

 We understand that each family will be coping with the current situation in different ways, which may affect how much and how often you will be available to support your child with their work, but ideally, we would like each child to attempt at least one activity per day.


To help you to plan for your day, here is a suggested timetable that you could use.

It might help you manage your learning and your family fun.


9:00- let`s start with Joe-  daily PE

9:30 -Have a go at some of the Literacy activities. 

10.00 - Stop for a snack, a break and some fresh air!

10.30 - Now have a go at some of the Maths activities. 

11.15 - Have a look at some of the online learning links - try out one of the recommended ones before you choose an activity of your choice.

12.00 - Time for a break and some lunch....

After lunch-Time for phonics- Look for Phonics Folder and Spellings.


Most importantly, please read with your child on a daily basis.

Read books that you have at home, sharing the reading if your child prefers. 

Additionally, Audible are providing audio books for free. 

The computer version of ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ is free (  and helpful with supporting phonics.

A little every day keeps up the momentum.


 I will do my best to make the activities fun and to provide some variety, but as this is uncharted territory for all of us, I would welcome any feedback.

You can reach me at:  with any questions or comments, or to share any work or updates on what your child has been up to.

Please do take care, and I will hopefully see you all sooner rather than later.


-Mrs Wagner