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Week 8 - 01/06/20

This week we are basing all of our work around the story: The Snail and the Whale. You may own the book or check out the video of me reading the story below. 

Story time with Miss Saffer 4

Phonics activities for the week:

Tune in to the Letters and Sounds lessons daily here:

We are looking at the book The Snail and The Whale. What phoneme (sound) is in both of the words in the title?

You're right it is the 'ai' sound. 

Now listen to me read the book, how many 'ai' sounds can you hear? Why don't you listen with an adult, and when you find them, the adult can write them down or you could have a try at writing them. 

Good luck and Have fun!

Literacy activities for the week:

This week I want you to become snail keepers and helpers. Research all about snails first, there is some good fact sheets/powerpoints on twinkl. See if you can find out where they live and what they like to eat. Then go out exploring your garden or the park to find a snail, see if you can help it by giving it some food.

If you have succeeded in helping your snail, write me a letter to tell me all about it. I am really looking forward to hearing from all of you explorers!! 

Here is my letter to you all...

Science activities:

As we are looking at The Snail and The Whale this week all of our science activities are under the sea themed. Enjoy smiley