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This week in Phonics we are on the last aspect of Phase 1. This aspect is all about identifying and segmenting the sounds in words. All of the activities this week are aimed at getting your child to hear and identify the separate sounds in words. Try and do 1 of these activities each day this week.



This Busy Things game helps children identify the beginning sounds in words.



This Busy Things game is similar to Metal Mike from last week. It helps the children recognise single sounds in words.


Use one of your toys for this activity. Tell your child that the toy can only speak in ‘sound-talk’.  The adult uses the toy to whisper in their ear. As the toy whispers the adult repeats the sounds, looks puzzled and then says the word straight afterwards. For example: What would Charlie like for tea today? The toy speaks silently in the adult’s ear and the adult repeats ‘ch-ee-se’ looking puzzled and then, says with relief ‘cheese!’ Now invite the children to see if they can speak like the toy: Do you think you could try to toy talk? Say ch-ee-se: (the children repeat ‘ch-ee-se’). Ask the toy again What else would you like? Be careful to think of items with names of only single syllables (e.g. fish, cake, pie, soup). Use different scenarios: What does the toy like to do in the playground? (hop, skip, jump, run, etc.). As the children become more confident, make some errors – blend ‘skim’ for ‘skip’, for example, and ask them to catch you out by giving the correct blend. Encourage the children to ask the toy questions with yes/no answers (e.g. Can you sing? Y-e-s/N-o). 



Lay out a selection of familiar objects with names that contain three phonemes (e.g. leaf, sheep, soap, fish, sock, bus). You can also use the pictures from Metal Mike last week. Check that all the children can recognise each object. Bring out the sound-talking toy and ask the children to listen carefully while it says the names of one of the objects in sound-talk so they can help it to put the sounds together and say the word. eg The toys says, 'I can see a

l - ea - f, can you find the l - ea - f? Get your child to repeat the sound talk word and then try to find it. 



Use the same objects as the Which One? game or the Metal Mike pictures. There can be more than one of the same object. Make a 'river'across the floor or ground outside with chalk or ropes. Lay half the objects on one side of the river and half on the other (make sure your child knows the names of all the objects first). Get your child to choose which side of the river they want to start on. The adult calls out the name of an object that is on the same side of the river as the child, in sound-talk (e.g. p-e-g). The child shows the correct object, sound talks the name of it then crosses/jumps over the river.



This is just like normal I spy but instead of saying the first sound you sound talk the word. ie I spy with my little eye a 'd - o - g' Try and only use words that have 3 or 4 sounds.