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Non Fiction

Kay's Anatomy - Adam Kay

Former hospital doctor and now comedian, Adam Kay has written this funny, easy to understand guide to the human body. It's full of proper scientific facts, cartoons and helpful diagrams. A bit like the Horrible History series but about something that we all live in everyday & often don't know very well.

Great Explorers - The Incredible Expeditions of 20 Explorers

Alistair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys loves the outdoors and believes everyone should have adventures. I think lots of us would agree. This fantastically illustrated new book presents 20 people, some well-known, some not, men and women, young and old who have challenged themselves and the times they lived in to reach the highest mountains, the deepest seas, or even another planet. Many have been right around the world in a whole variety of ways. If you’d like to find out more or even get some inspiration for an adventure of your own, this book is in our KS2 library.  Who knows where it could take you.



Little People Big Dreams Series - various

We were delighted to receive a donation of 9 titles from this great series of biographies for children.  They’re a really accessible way to get an understanding of someone’s life, with a short life story followed by an overview of key facts. Each one is also full of colourful illustrations and could be read by anyone from a free reader up to a Y6 who wanted to know more about a particular person. They cover very inspiring people, from history and modern times, some very well-known and some who deserve wider recognition.

You can find them in the non fiction section of the library on the Key Stage 1 corridor.


Why Space Matters to Me - Colin Stuart

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Colin in 2019 and he had us all fascinated by the connections between our lives on Earth and space - which really does matter! Find out about how it affects the weather and the seasons, tides, animals and the fact that we are all made of stars. The book can be found in the science section of the library in Key Stage 2.