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Work to share!

It has been so nice for me to see some of the work you've been doing this week! Great job, and keep it up!
Amil's story.PNG
Anna's art.jpg
Lora's story.PNG
Jack's country project.jpg
Lora's prefixes
Milo Story.PNG
Oliver's art.jpg
Oliver story.PNG
Sam poem.jpg
Milo poem.PNG
Amil poem.PNG
Jess poem.png
Meggi Poem.jpg
Amil's reading comprehension.jpeg
Deeba poem.jpg
Gracie poem.jpg
Hannah poem.jpg
Mansor poem.JPG
Amil's letter.png
Deeba's letter.png
Jess' science.png
Leon's letter.png
Lora's letter.png
Mansor's letter (2).png
Milo's letter.png
Oliver's letter.png
Reny's letter.png
Sam's persuasive letter.jpg
Sam's science 1.jpg
Sam's science 4.jpg
Sam's science.jpg
Sam's science2.jpg
Sam's science3.jpg
Schanel's letter.png
Eliza's bottle elephants!.jpeg
Eliza's bottle elephants.jpeg
Milo's bottle dragonfly! 2.jpeg
Milo's bottle dragonfly!.jpeg
Sam's plastic bottle art!.jpg
Sam's science 2.jpg
Lora's Science.jpeg
Deeba's poem.PNG
Becci's baking.jpg
Deeba's diary.PNG
Eliza's Recency-era aculpture.jpeg
Fred's Acrostic Poem.jpeg
Fred's Rationing book.jpeg
Fred's VE Day comprehension.jpeg
George making carrot cake.jpg
George's carrot cake.jpg
Oliver's baking.jpg
Oliver's decorations.jpg
Oliver's scones.jpg
Deeba's geography.PNG
Deeba's VE Day diary.PNG
Eliza's Geography 1.PNG
Eliza's Geography 2.PNG
George's VE Day diary.PNG
Jack's letter.PNG
Jack's Newspaper article.PNG
Leon' VE Day diary.PNG
Leon's geography.PNG
Lora's VE Day diary.PNG
Mansor's VE day facts.PNG
Milo's VE day diary.PNG
Oliver's Geography project .jpg
Oliver's VE Day diary.PNG
Sam's Diary entry.jpg
Sam's VE Day decorations.jpg
Schanel's geography.PNG
Schanel's VE Day Diary.PNG
Becci's VE Day tshirt design.jpg

Week 4

Amil's Easter letter.PNG
Anna's letter.jpg
Becci's cupcakes.jpg
Becci's Easter.PNG
Deeba's Newspaper article.PNG
Gracie's letter.jpeg
Jess's animal research.png
Jess's Jane Goodall report.PNG
Jess's newspaper article.png
Lora's Nature observation.jpeg
Lora's story.PNG
Milo's holiday art.jpeg
Oliver's newspaper article.PNG
Reny's newspaper article.PNG
Sam's flapjacks.jpg
Sam's holiday art.jpg
Sam's Newspaper article.jpg
Schanel's letter.PNG
Yaldah's Newspaper report.jpeg



Week 3

For a shocking twist, look at Lora's investigation, to see who she thought was our pea-plant criminal!

Deeba's film review.PNG
Deeba's story.PNG
Eliza's film review.jpg
Eliza's frog life cycle.jpg
Eliza's lady bird life cycle.jpg
Hannah's story.PNG
Jess' art.PNG
Jess' film review.PNG
Jess' story.PNG
Leon's film review.PNG
Leon's story.PNG
Mansor's story.PNG
Oliver's film review.PNG
Oliver's story.PNG
Sam's story.jpg
Schanel's film review.PNG
Schanel's story.PNG
Lora's investigation
Lora's science

Week 2

Schanel frog life cycle
Anon diary
Jess frog life cycle
Ashayah Science
Sam Prepositions
Deeba diary
Leon frog life cycle
Mansor advice letter
Milo art
Oliver frog life cycle
Anon diary