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Friday 27.03.2020

Good morning!

Can you believe we have nearly finished our first week?

You are all making me so proud! I know you are making your adults at home proud too by the incredible messages and photos I’m so lucky to keep being sent, keep it up you superstars! ⭐️

It’s been really lovely to see photos of some  of you enjoying being outside in the beautiful sunshine we have had this week.

So today’s challenge is to do something outside, absolutely anything!

(Please make sure you follow the Prime Minister’s rules and do this safely).

You could go for a walk, eat your lunch outside, do one of our weekly activities outside, look for some wildlife, absolutely anything you want!

Can’t wait to see what you choose to do! ☀️


My email address is  if you haven’t used it already.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!   



Joke of the day!

Q: How does the ocean say hello?

A: It waves.

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