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Thursday 23.04.2020


Good morning!!!heart

Wake up...there is a Very Important Task of the Day waiting for you!!!!


Make a 100th Birthday card mail for a superhero!!!!

Who is this SUPERHERO?

It is Captain Tom Mooreheart

You might have seen that Captain Tom has walked 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS Charity?

So far he has raised ...over £25 million!!!!

Please take a photograph of your card and email it to me before you send it to Captain Tom at this address:

Captain Tom Moore

c/o Post Office Limited

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine

MK43 0LA



What facts can you find out about Captain Tom? 

Maybe you could write some of them?blush


Praise for 'heroic efforts' of Captain Tom Moore, the NHS fundraiser

The Prime Minister has praised the "heroic efforts" of a 99-year-old veteran who has raised over £25 million for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden.


Create instructions for how to look after this wild animal.(a wild animal from your garden)

Think about the type of environment it comes from, the food that it needs and if it has any particular needs.




Activity: Measure 5 different household items with a ruler.

Challenge- place them in height/length order. (slide 7)



White Rose Home Learning –

Week 1 Lesson 4

Introduce Capacity and volume-please supervise any activity involving water.



Learn about the seasons, the weather associated with them and day length on

Answer the following questions:

- What lights up the Earth?

- What is the sun?

- When half the Earth is facing away from the Sun where is the other half facing?

- How long does it take the Earth to spin all the way around?


Story time:

Watch Michael Rosen read aloud his story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt at 02s

choose one activity :

• Sequence events from the story:

What challenges did the family have to face in the story?

Act out the story, using as many of the book’s words and expressions as you can.

• If you were going on a real bear hunt, what useful things would you take with you in your rucksack?

Draw three things and write a sentence about each of them to explain why it would be useful.


Handwriting letter  - p