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We are currently learning Phase 1 phonics. This phase focuses on hearing sound patterns in language. This week I want you to focus on words that rhyme. These words sound the same at the end of the word.

e.g cat, hat, bat - all end with the 'at' sound.


Activity 1:

Read any rhyming books that you have at home, Julia Donaldson and Dr Seuss books are very good for finding rhyming words. If you don't have any books that rhyme you can also listen to books in the stories section for this week.


Activity 2:

Rhyming aliens game

Make up silly rhyming names for a pair of puppets/toys you have at home (e.g. Fizzy Wizzy Lizzy and Ting Ling Ping

Make up a rhyming story using the toys new names.

Are you poorly Lizzy? Oh dear.

Fizzy Wizzy Lizzy is feeling sick and…dizzy.

Ping has a favourite thing, her favourite thing is to.....sing


Try and encourage your child to add the last word to the rhyming sentence.


Activity 3:

Odd one out 

Look at the set of three pictures. 1 of the words does not rhyme with the others. Can you find which one it is?