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Look at what we have been up to!

Gabe's been busy again! Good job!

A TITANIC Titanic from Jack

A TITANIC presentation from Ols.

Oliver's Titanic! Good job!

Some more learning from a very busy Tatiana!

Jack's very creative cake...did you eat this looks to good!

Saskia has really enjoyed the Titanic Project....but there were also a few tears in the Collins household. No wonder Saskia, it is a very emotive subject!

The Cygnets that Charlotte spotted recently have grown!

Still image for this video

Charlotte has sent me lots of amazing photos to show how busy she has been. What a role model to your class Charlotte! Your VE Day looks great fun!

I really like the graduation of colours that Beth has used to create her artwork

Gabriel and his family have been very resourceful. Not only have they decided to grow some plants, they have made their own seed planters from cardboard boxes!

Wildlife is starting to appear in may suburban places. Saskia has discovered baby foxes in her garden! They are so cute...but not as cute as Saskia!

Jack had a fabulous VE Day as we can see from the photos! The honey biscuits look amazing and can you believe he made the jeep!

Go Jack - Jack has written a persuasive letter - and very persuasive he has been too!

Beth has been working independently, showing that she really is ready for secondary school!

Nathan has been very creative, look at his great Spitfire plane!

Hasti has sent a photo of her VE Day project...all the way from Iran.

Toby has been very busy this week...I am very impressed with your presentation Toby!

Tatiana has created a VE Day project

Saskia has been super creative this week, another amazing piece of artwork.

It looks like Lillian has had a fantastic week - I love how you worked out a budget. How did the lemonade turn out?

Gabriel Di Campo Ramsey has been making steamed pudding...with custard of course!

Gabe is reminding us to celebrate this weekend!

An Impressive project from Oliver - I really like the way you have presented it.

I'm mot sure what I love best - the Sayer's fantastic Tie-Dye T-Shirts OR Pip the dog!!

I love the background that Che has used...and look how amazing his handwriting is!

Narissa has really embraced her creative side and has been very busy trying new skills. We have had a lot of cakes, but now we have dinner sorted too! It looks delicious Narissa!

Along with Charlotte's letter below...I wonder which person is the most persuasive?

Saskia has been very busy! I think this is the most wonderful cake I have ever seen!!!

Neve decided to create her own project. I love the presentation Neve...and also very informative.

This is such a beautiful photograph!!! Great job Neve!

A very creative game made by the Sayers boys...with a little bit of big sisterly help!

Lillian's been busy writing her letter....would she persuade you?

A fan of the Dogman books, this was right up Gabe's street! I'm glad you enjoyed this task!

Charlotte has been very busy, and enjoying the sunshine too! I wish my handwriting was as beautiful as yours.

Charlotte has written up her experiment...and it makes very interesting reading!

A message from AK ...

Still image for this video
This was my home project, made in our paddling pool. I made the boat out of twigs and tape, the iceberg out of a spare piece of insolation foam and the submarine out of...well you can guess

Aden and Adham (Ron and not Ron!) have been working together on a combined Titanic project - great job boys!

Che - Lock down Picasso (2020)

Picasso Beth (2020) and Picasso Tatiana (2020)

Amazing work Nathan, I like how you added facts at the end.

Picasso Nathan (Lock down 2020)

Now the question he still up the tree? Or has he come down? I hear Richmond Park can be very chilly at night!

Hasti has been very very busy. I am sure that you will all agree she is a very talented artist! Amazing work Hasti.

Liam has been very are a few more of his photos.

Gabe has been working hard on his Titanic project too - good to see it has kept you all busy! I won't share all the answers...:-)

An impressive first page for his Titanic project from Gabriel. I can see your touch typing has paid of... Or is it all that custard you eat? 🤔

Beth has got a great balance of fun and learning and is keeping herself very busy!

Beth has been working very hard on her Titanic project work. Great job!

I'm hoping we get back to school so we can try all these cakes! Great job Yasmin!

Picasso Saskia - Title Unknown (2020)

Picasso Oliver - Lady in Hat (2020)

Sebastian is being an amazing big brother!

Oliver has written a very VERY impressive story. His use of language is amazing and I love how the friendship mirrored his amazing friendships with his friends. Fantastic job Oliver

Tatiana has also been writing lots of stories. Here is one example of her work - The Thief. Tatiana also has been working on editing her work, showing great perseverance. Well done Tatiana! Keep up the hard work.

Che has been working hard at mastering the trick that I taught him :-). Very impressive Che!

I am loving the detail that Toby has put into his sketch of the Titanic. Clearly this took a lot of concentration - you have a hidden talent Toby!

Lillian's story!

AK's House 🏡

AK has been cooking... But forgot to Deliveroo me some! I expect some when we get back to school AK. A fresh batch please! 🤣

Saskia has made peanut butter brownies! My favourite! You and AK can start up your own restaurant!

Che's Science Experiment

Still image for this video
Why don't you have a go! Remember not to use the best towels and make sure you have enough washing up liquid first! 👍

Gabe has not only been learning to touch type, but he has also written a story... I can't wait to read it!

A new skill being learnt by Gabe 😍

Liam has been very busy! Breakfast in the garden, making cakes, helping create a summer house and most importantly, delivering food parcels to vulnerable people. We are so proud of you Liam!