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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning children and parents,

I hope you all had a lovely  weekend and  that everyone is healthy, well and safe.

Today I am with some of you in St Richards school.

Hopefully weather will get better !

Have a lovely day and check our activities for today!

Miss you all,

Let`s  watch some news first!cheeky



Please remember to watch daily lesson at 10:30 and 11:00!



This week in science we will learn what do plant needs to grow?

Before you watch the lesson can you try to answer these questions?

1.What are the things that plants need to grow?

2.What are some ways that plants are important in our lives?

3.What might happen if a plant does not get water?

4.Can a plant grow without sunlight? Why or why not?

Maths :

Lesson 1 -04.05.2020-Part-whole relationships number bonds.

Do you remember what does it mean...number bonds? 

Activity after lesson: Find and make number bonds


This activity on BBC Bitesize is very child friendly.

Follow the instructions and complete Activity 1

The sound mat and common exception word mat will help with spellings