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Week Beginning 2nd November


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable




We will be looking at ways to select appropriate adjectives when writing a character description; choosing one or two really effective adjectives, rather than a long list of them. We will also compare describing a character’s physical appearance with describing their personality and behaviour. We will then pull all this together to create a ‘Wanted’ poster for the notorious porridge-stealing chair-breaker, Goldilocks!

We will also study the spelling rules for creating plurals: adding ‘s’ as in ‘books’, or ‘es’ as in ‘boxes’, changing a ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and adding ‘es’ as in ‘babies’, changing ‘f’ to ‘ve’ as in ‘leaves’, and irregular plurals such as ‘teeth’, ‘women’ and ‘sheep’.



This week we will be looking at alternative sounds for known graphemes: /ou/ as in ‘shoulder’, /ou/  as in ‘group’, and /ie/ as in ‘chief’.



In maths we will start by adding to the tens column, highlighting that he units don’t change e.g. 27 + 10 = 37. Then we will look at adding and subtracting multiples of ten e.g. 54 - 20 = 34.



We will be looking at the story of Noah’s ark and discussing the elements of it that raise questions, such as ‘Why didn’t the lions eat the zebras?’ 


Big Picture:

Our new topic is Florence Nightingale as an example of the impact an individual can have on their world at the time and on the progress of history. We will begin by analysing photographs of Florence (before  I tell them who it is) for clues about her e.g. the photo is in black and white so looks old; her clothes and hairstyle look Victorian, etc. Then, we will look at the background of the Crimean War and the conditions in field hospitals at the time, before learning about the changes Florence made.


The weekly slides and other resources are available on the Year 2 Palm class page at Google Classroom:

Your Google Classroom Username ends with The password is the same as the one for LGFL/USO. If you have lost your login details, please email your class teacher of the school office.