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Dear Parents


We would like to thank you all for your hard work and continued support with the home learning. You are really doing a brilliant job and we are lucky to have parents like you.

Remember to take time out to do fun activities with your child. We wish you a wonderful and restful bank holiday on Friday and look forward to seeing all those smiling faces again.


Year 1 Team


Wednesday 6th May 2020


Hi Palm class!

I hope everyone is well and happy and still enjoying lovely family time. 

Here is the work for our next Day! wink Do some breaks too!devil

Remember you can share your home learning with me on to J2e , I check it every week day so will rely to any questions or concerns too but if you struggle with this or prefer to email please use the email address I have recently used to email you.

I would love to hear from you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me as ever I am here to help! 

Miss you always have a good day!

Mrs Wagner

Let`s start this morning with Joe - PE-Wednesday 6th May

Now calm down and watch some news!


and dont forget about Phonics lesson as usual at 10:30am!



This activity on BBC Bitesize is very child friendly.

Follow the instructions and complete activity  3 with your child.

The sound mat and common exception word mat will help with spellings.



History- Celebrating VE Day 75 Years!!!

This week -on Friday -marks 75 years since VE Day.


"On the morning of 8 May 1945, a national holiday for ‘Victory in Europe Day’ was declared in Britain. Churchill had gained assurances from the Ministry of Food that there were enough beer supplies in the capital and the Board of Trade announced that people could purchase red, white and blue bunting without using ration coupons. Street parties were held across Britain with bunting lining the streets".


The PowerPoint has information and a range of activities on the last slide that you can choose to do with your child.

This is a link to an activity you could take part in as a family.

We would love to see pictures if you choose to take part.

VE day -powerpoint

VE day activities

SPAG: adding er and est


Please try this activity after video lesson!