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What people say about us...

Parent Survey Summer 2021

Over 75% of our parents responded and are clearly very happy with the school!



Percentage  agreed

My child is happy at school


My child feels safe at school


The school makes sure pupils are well behaved


The school deals with bullying quickly and efficiently


The school deals with concerns to my satisfaction


The school has high expectations for my child


My child does well at this school


The school let me know how my child is doing


There is a good range of subjects at this school


My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school


The school support wider personal development


I would recommend this school to another parent


The school provided a good service during Lockdown



Pupil Survey Summer 2021

Here is what our year 3-6 pupils had to say about our school.


Percentage  agreed

I enjoy school 


Teachers help me to do my best


My teacher gives me work that challenges me in  my lessons


I enjoy learning in school


Teachers listen to what I have to say in lessons


There is an adult in school who I can talk to if something is worrying me


The behaviour of other pupils in my lessons is good


The behaviour of other pupils around school is good


If bullying happens staff are good at resolving it


I feel safe when I am at school


My school encourages me to look after my physical health


My school encourages me deal with my feelings


My school encourages me to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally


My school provides me with information about my next steps


I would recommend this school to a friend


Sometimes parents and visitors even put pen to paper (or email!) to let us know how they feel about the school...

"St Richard's CE Primary School is a lovely school for my child. She enjoys going to school every day. She sings at home every day the songs she has learned at school. Her teacher has taught her to learn through mistakes. Because of this positive encouragement from her teachers, my daughter has determined to work hard in her Maths. This is amazing! Thanks to all the teachers in St Richard's CE primary school for helpong my daughter to settle in the UK and school life very smoothly."

"Excellent school, always feel included and supported, all staff go above and beyond and very proud to be part of such a wonderful school!"

"Thank you so much, we are so grateful to all the staff for all their hard work and flexibility to not only teach our children but to ensure they are happy, safe and feel loved."

"I thought the school response to Covid was amazing! You put the children first (as always) and got them back to school before so many other schools did, which is where they needed to be. It showed such strong leadership and showed yet another example of how dedicated and committed all St Richards staff are in making this happen. I also think the support that St Richards gave to families during Covid was incredible."

"I wanted to write and express our gratitude to  everyone at the school for the kindness and support we have experienced on our 11 year journey with St Richard’s.  We are so glad that we chose this school all those years ago when we first moved to Ham. We felt the warm, caring atmosphere straight away. Of course all of this support and care trickles down from the ethos that the leadership team have created and maintain. Thank you for the extraordinary support and for not giving up."

"My child absolutely loves your positive energy,  you make learning fun, interesting and she has really enjoyed this year far more than I expected."

"The school, and the staff's willingness to stay open, while all the others were closing their doors really was outstanding. You went above and beyond and it will not be forgotten. You, as a community, and particularly the teachers and staff in Reception and Nursery, have made such a difference to our family and we are so grateful. I know for some in particular, this year involved the pain of loss, and yet you came back, even in the pain of your loss, and gave your all for my child, it was truly inspiring to see such care and dedication in such times. "

"Having read our child's report, we are both smiling from ear to ear of how well he has done and what he has achieved over the past year considering all that his young mind has had to deal with."

"We cannot express enough how much of a gem you are to the teaching profession.  Our duaghter has thrived under your care yet again, and yet again we have had the assurance that she has been known for more than just her academics.  There is not enough shortbread in the world to say thanks! "