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Week Beginning 29th June




This week, in class, we are still in India 


One thing that is amazing about St Richard's is how culturally diverse we are. As we have been learning about different countries, not only have the children been really engaged they have also spoken with pride about countries that they have visited or countries where either themselves or family members are from.


So this week I am going to set the children a challenge. I would like them to choose a country of their choice and complete a project based upon this country. 


Some ideas could include:


  • Researching the country to find out more about about it and create a booklet or fact file. 
  • Finding out about an animal that originates in that country and creating a factfile or piece of artwork.
  • You could look at the different landscapes and use craft materials to re-create this. 
  • Cooking a dish that comes from that country - you could maybe have your own little party!
  • Recreating the flag of that country and finding out about the history of that flag. 
  • Looking at traditional dress from that country - can you draw a picture of this dress, or even try to make a similar outfit. 
  • Use You Tube to listen to stories that come from that country. 
  • Listen to music or learn songs that originate from that country, or maybe you could make an instrument too! 
  • Find out about a famous artist from that country and re-create some art in the same style. 
  • Are there any famous people from your choice of country?
  • You could write a postcard from the country to a friend as though you are there and post it to them! 


I am sure that you can think of many more amazing ideas!



We have used the Barnaby Bear videos in school which you may also want to access. It is a very visual way for children to explore other countries. 




To ensure that we are ready for the maths in year 2, we are going to focus on number bonds to 10 then 20 this week. 

It is a really essential tool to help when 'bridging 10' when adding and subtracting. 

An example of this is:


8 +7 = 15

The children partition 7 into 2 and 5 to make the addition easier:


8+2 = 10, then add 5 = 15.


Number bonds to 10 are the pairs of numbers that are added together to total a number between 1 and 10. So the facts for 7 would be, 7+0, 6+1. 5+2. 3+4 and of course the other way around! 


I will add some additional number bond activities and there is also the link to White Rose. 





It's PIZZA Time! 


Next week we are off to Italy, so why not make a pizza? There are many different ways in which you can do this (especially if yeast is hard to come by!). You can use a bagel, a roll or bread, or a wrap. Yo could make faces on your pizza, or pictures - you could even design a pizza like a flag!