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Clock of Stars - The Shadow Moth 

Some of our reading panel have finished this and here's what they are thinking so far. Max & Yuriko talked about the relationship between the two children, which one of them thought was quite negative but the other said was quite realistic. They appreciated Chris Riddell's illustrations - especially of all the characters at the beginning which are good to refer to as it's a long book. Max also liked the style of writing, which sounds like a real child's voice & thoughts rather than an adult pretending to be a child. He felt it shone a light on lots of things that are issues for children.  Eliza didn't feel it was her kind of thing but said she might recommend it to others.

When Life Gives You Mangoes

Milo says this is his favourite so far, as there isn't a single part that's not exciting - even the dialogue. There's also a really good plot twist, which obviously he isn't going to reveal here, but he's looking forward to Mrs Kelly reading it to the class, to see how they react.