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Friday 15th May 2020


Well done Year 1 on another fantastic week at home.

I am very proud of all the activities you have completed and shared with me over the past week. You have been busy and I have seen lots of smiles and really fun activities. You are doing a great job of making your activities fun at home. 

I know it’s tough but you’ve got this!

My sticker drawer in the classroom hasn’t been used in a while so I’m sending you lots of virtual smelly stickers to say a huge well done and to make you smile! I know you love them! ❤️

 I just wanted to say how proud I am of all of you.

From my end of the computer it looks like you have all been working hard; but also doing wonderful creative things with your families and having plenty of fun. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 

Keep it up Year One and stay safe,


Mrs Wagner


Joke of the day!

Q:  What can you catch but not throw? 

A:  A cold!

Reading Comprehension: fairytales




Mrs Wagner has written a description of a badger but needs help coming up with some more exciting adjectives describe badgers.


Read the section below - look at the words written in red, can you come up with synonyms for these words?

Can you re-write any of these sentences changing the words in red to more exciting adjectives?


Remember to read through your work to ensure it makes sense. 

What do badgers look like?

Badgers are mammals. Their bodies are covered in thick white fur which has black tips. Their big heads have black and white stripes. They have short legs with sharp claws that help them to dig into the ground. They also use their small noses to help move the dirt out of the way.


Addition and subtraction word problems.

Learn how to solve maths problems with addition and subtraction.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two activities


also... Friday..... is a challenge day!devil

Let`s stay active: Superheroes - Athletic Tracks

A fun athletic movement track - 6 - 7 years


Are you a good listener?


The PowerPoint has one lesson. The slides have all the questions and activities you will need.

Take a photo and upload onto JiT.

Christianity: Are you a good listener?



Lesson 5- reptiles

Reptiles -Educational Video for Kids

▶Today we're going to learn about reptiles!

All about Reptiles-powerpoint

Turtle-Life cycle-worksheet

Sorting animals-worksheet


Find a flower and take a photo of it or use a flower you have in your house or garden (remember not to pick them).

Look very closely at the flower and do an observational drawing of it.