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We are currently learning Phase 1 phonics. This phase focuses on hearing sound patterns in language. This week I want you to focus on alliteration. This is when the beginning sound of a word is repeated in a phrase or sentence.

e.g Super Suzy sipped a strawberry smoothie.


Activity 1: Play I Spy

I spy names
With your family sit in a circle, start the game by saying I spy someone whose name begins with… and give the sound of the first letter, for example ‘b’ for Bianca
Then ask: Who can it be? 

You can also also play this with a group of your toys! eg 'I spy something that starts with 't' teddy!


Activity 2:Making Aliens
Draw pictures of some aliens...make them as silly looking as you can!  Use the picture cards to give you some ideas! Think of some strange names for your alien creatures. The alien names must be strings of non-words with the same initial sound, for example:
Ping pang poo pop,
Mig mog mully mo,
Fo fi fandle fee.

Have fun and be as silly and creative as you can!




Activity 3: Bertie the bus
Use power point below.
Sing or say the words:

Bertie the bus is going to the zoo,
Who does he see as he passes through?
As you go along add another animal to the bus that starts with the same sound.