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Thursday 21st May 2020


Hello my darlings!heart

It’s looking a like a very sunny and warm Thursday so make sure you have sun cream and a sun hat on today! I know lots of you have been spending time in your paddling pools or going on walks to make the most of the lovely weather! ☀️

Maybe you could take some of your learning outside today?

I had a lovely day yesterday at school. I met some of you thereheart. And we were making pancakes! ( see our pictures in a class gallery). Maybe you could try too? They were really yummy with vanilla ice-creams and blueberry sauce!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone and I look forward to hearing all about your day later!

Take care and stay safe,

thinking of you,

Mrs Wagner

Joke of the day! 

Q: What room doesn’t have doors?
A: A mushroom.


Diary writing


Thursday's Challenge!


Today instead of writing your diary entry, can you make a video diary?


Try recording two events in your day as a diary - remember you must say what day and time it is and speak in the first person to describe your day. 


You could include a description or instructions for something you are doing that day. You could ask some of your family if you could interview them for your video diary and ask them about what they have been doing today. 


Save your video diary to re-watch in years to come! 


Non-Chronological Report

You will be writing your own non-chronological report on

badgers. Task 1: Badger research


Today lesson is: Compare mass: lighter and heavier.

Learn how to compare the mass of objects using non-standard measures and use the language of heavier, lighter and equal to.

This lesson includes:

  • learning summary
  • two activities


You can also check on White Rose Maths as usual cheeky


Draw pictures of places and people who make you feel safe.

Draw these on the hand template provided or draw around your own hand.

Resource: Thursday-Hand Template

P.S.H.E. worksheet


Carnivores, Herbivores,Omnivores.  

What do animals eat?

See powerpoint, do task 2:

Colour and sort the animals into the correct section of the Venn diagram.

Sing together! Herbivore Omnivore Carnivore

It's the "Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore".
Come sing, sign, and learn with Rachel and friends as they sing about what different kinds of animals eat.
What is YOUR favorite food to eat?

How to Make Easy Pancakes -Cooking with Kids

Achilla makes pancakes for the family.