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Wednesday 01.04.2020

Good morning my friends! We are now in April!

How is your day? Have you finished any activity so far?

I was very excited to see my sunflowers this morning!


I have a special task for you to try today...


Follow this link and have a go at the task.


Can you choose some fantastic adjectives of your own to complete these sentences?

Adjectives can really help to make sentences more interesting - so try hard to think of some really brilliant words that could describe the nouns.

For example:

The red fox ran on the hot road.

The cheeky fox ran on the busy road.

The tired fox ran on the dusty road.


For more activities for this week or Easter week please check week 2 folder.

I will add some daily...

Please send photos of your child learning and playing at home to share on our class page and stay in touch.


Joke of the day:

Q: Why was the cat sitting on the computer?

A: To keep an eye on the mouse!