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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Hello you wonderful bunch!heart

Please remember that this is a four day week as Friday is a Bank Holiday!

So today is Tuesday -day number 2devil

This week's work will be uploaded in the same way as last week's - maths and English on a daily basis and weekly tasks all in one go. 

Remember to send me (or upload) pictures of your amazing work so that I can add it to this week's gallery. 

I love to see what you have been learning, and it helps everyone else to see that you are all safe and well too!

Keep washing your hands regularly, work and play hard and hopefully we can all see each other again soon!


miss you my ducklings !!!!heartheartheart

Mrs Wagner


Letters and Sounds Daily lesson

 Available from 10:30am each day.

Letters and Sounds for home and school:




This activity on BBC Bitesize is very child friendly.


Follow the instructions and complete Activity 2 with your child.


The sound mat and common exception word mat will help with spellings.

If you can have these out, in front of your child when writing, this will support the writing activity.

Upload a photo of Activity 2 on JiT



Try to read something every day!!!

Maths :

Lesson 2 -05.05.2020

Fact families - linking addition and subtraction.



Please try this activity below after White Rose Maths video lesson!

Addition and Subtraction Fact Families -EasyTeaching

Teach children how addition and subtraction are linked.
Understand how to use addition to help solve subtraction. Understand fact families. Find thousands mo...



We hope you have been looking at some different plants around you.

They will have had a good watering last week!

If you are able to do an experiment where you get three plants the same and put one in a box (in the dark), one in a sunny place and one in the fridge to observe what happens that would be great.

If not here are some clips to watch about plants:

Why do plants need water?

Why do plants need roots?

What a Plant Needs to Stay Alive - Science Song for Kids

What a Plant Needs to Stay Alive.
Water, nutrients, sunlight and air are what plants need to grow.
This life science song teaches us what a plant needs to stay alive.
This science song for kids also teaches what resources we get from plants.

Superhero Bear Competition’.

Remember! John Lewis have announced their ‘Superhero Bear Competition’.

The winning teddy will be sold in John Lewis and Waitrose shops later this year, with 100% of the profits going to the NHS.

Go to  and scroll down for details.