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How to access the website that children can use to support learning Spanish at home 

All pupils have access to Language Angels to support their learning of Spanish. Please encourage your child to do 15 minutes a week, playing games and learning songs, to support the unit we are studying that week in class  – of course they can spend more time if they like and look at other games too!


To access Language Angels go to:

Click on Login in the top right hand corner. Click on Pupils Games.

Username: SRSA

Password: TW10



At St Richard’s, we have chosen to teach Spanish because it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and the spoken language of Spain, the most popular holiday destination for British travellers. Our children love learning words, phrases and sentences along with songs in Spanish. In addition, the vast majority of our children will go on to learn Spanish in their secondary school.


We want our pupils to develop confidence and competence in Spanish; and to leave our school passionate and curious about learning languages.


Through fun, well planned lessons we will help them progress in the 5 key language skills necessary for learning any language:

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Grammar


We aim to ensure that pupils of all abilities develop solid foundations in these key language learning skills - properly preparing them for the next stage of their language learning journey. These skills will develop children’s ability to understand what they hear and read and enable them to express themselves in speech and writing. We will extend their knowledge of how language works and explore the similarities and differences between Spanish and English. We will also help strengthen their sense of identity through learning about culture in Spanish speaking countries and comparing it with their own.





We use the Language Angels curriculum and resources to teach our children Spanish.


In Year 1 and 2 children will begin to hear and learn a few words and phrases of Spanish though informal opportunities. From  Year 3 onwards children will recieve one half hour lesson a week.


Teachers plan their lessons using the Language Angels scheme of work. The lessons are designed to motivate, captivate and interest children from the first moment. They have clear, achievable objectives and incorporate different learning styles. SEN children have access to the curriculum through variation of task, grouping or support from an adult.


The resources teachers use include native speaking audio to support good pronunciation. Each unit of work consist of upto 5 lessons plus a revision/assement lesson. Each lesson will focus on a combination of the 5 key language learning skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar). At the end of each unit children are assesed to see how they have progressed.

The documents below give details on the Spanish units we teach by year group . Further down this page you will find Knowledge Organisers (an explanation of what the children will be learning) for each unit we teach.


As a result of learning Spanish at St Richard's, our children progress with their modern foreign language skills across the year groups as follows:

Knowledge Organisers for all the key topics we teach

Feliz Navidad from Year 4

Here is an example of one of the Spanish songs our children have learnt.