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Week Beginning 19th October


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable




We are building up to writing about our local area in two contrasting styles: formal, factual information, and a personal recount of the walk we took around Ham a couple of weeks ago.

Before we write the final piece, we will discuss effective ways to plan our writing; how to select the most interesting elements to include, how to sequence events, how to know when to start a new paragraph, and how to make your writing sound serious and formal or personal and chatty.

In the writing itself, we will look to include various elements we have covered through this half term, such as prepositions (e.g. next to, opposite), adverbial phrases to describe time (e.g. at first, later on), and the difference between 1st and 3rd person and between the present and past tense.

We will begin to use dictionaries to look up the meanings of words.



This week we will be looking at alternative sounds for known graphemes: e/ as in ‘she’, /i/  as in ‘find’, /o/ as in ‘go’ and /u/ as in ‘union’.



In maths will investigate how knowing our number bonds to 10 (e.g. 9+1, 8+2 etc) can help us know our number bonds to 100. For example, if 7+3 =10 then 70 + 30 =100.

We will then look at using the inverse to check our answers. In other words, if we start with 12 and add 6 to get to 18, then we can work backwards to get back to where we started: 18 minus 6 takes us back to 12. Finally we will recap adding and subtracting 1s.



We will be learning about the features of a mosque and how they contribute to Muslim worship, and reflecting on the significance of holy buildings for other faiths.


Big Picture:

In a call-back to our Great Fire Of London topic, we are going to bake some for the children to eat. Hopefully, we won’t burn down half of London like Thomas Farrinor did! Before we get to the actual baking itself, we will look at the features of recipes and write our own, sequencing instructions and using ‘bossy’ verbs at the start of sentences to create commands.

Have a look at our Gallery webpage to see our Great Fire Of London display!





Remember, Friday will be a celebratory RAINBOW DAY, when we will be off-timetable to give the children some fun creative activities after a long half term in which they have all worked hard under uniquely difficult circumstances. Don’t forget to wear bright clothes!


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