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This week I want you to do some balancing activities. 

  • Balance on your left leg for 10 seconds
  • Balance on your right leg for 10 seconds
  • Balance along a careful and hold and adults hand if you need help
  • Balance along a line on the ground....if you have chalk you can draw a wobbly line, a zigzag line, a curly wurly line
  • Balance around the outline of 2D shapes on the ground
  • Balance on your bike or scooter
  • Balance an object on your head while you walk in a straight could use a bean bag or a little teddy. How many steps did you do before the object fell off your head. Try again and see if you can beat your score!


Keep on trying a skill that is tricky for you when getting dressed ie doing up bottons, zips, putting on your jumper or trousers, putting on your shoes.