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Healthy Eating and Eco Week

Year 2 visited the Natural History Museum to learn more about protecting the oceans

Coronation Celebrations 5th May, 2023

Eco-Conference 2023 - Tiffin Girl's School 


Members from our upper KS2 school council and Year 6 Eco Prefects attended a wonderful Eco-conference hosted by Tiffin Girl's school. The event was attended by a number of schools from Richmond and Kingston. During the day, the children heard from a number of speakers and enjoyed participating in a number of workshops including gardening, modelling making from plastic and discussions around reducing single use clothing- a fast fashion swap it up talk. We look forward to hearing from the children and what we can do as a school to make a difference in our world. 

Young Voices Choir Concert at the O2

Harvest Celebrations 2022

Events Gallery Pre-July 2022