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Week 7 Learning Week Beginning 18th May


I thought we would have a little change from White Rose this week and have some quizes this. For those of you who were in, you know how I love a quiz...and what an evil quiz master I can be! 


I have put up some quizes on a powerpoint from Twinkl. There is of course nothing to stop you doing this as a family!


There are some revision slides first and then the activities. 


Have fun! 

Last week of the Titanic Project 

This lesson introduces you to the members on board the ship...with a tricky little challenge for you!

This is a task to really get you thinking. It will also use skills of inference and note-taking ready for your transition to Secondary school. This is an activity that can also be completed with an adult so that you can have a good discussion about what you discover.

What did the newspapers say? Have a look at this short activity and have a think about what the information is 'telling' you/ What messages are the newspaper reports trying to get across?

What is the Titanic like now? 


If you have time this week amidst the other tasks, you can always put together a project page, a powerpoint or a video about the Titanic to summarise what you have learnt. 



Your challenge is to create a model of the Titanic using whatever material you like! 


I have done this before with a class...maybe even some of your siblings and I have always been blown away by a child's creativity.


The only 'rules' for this are:


  • Ask permission before you use something.
  • Tidy up any mess.
  • Have a great time.
  • Send me a photo! 

Here are some ideas

Here are some Titanic cakes a class made once before...