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Week 3 Learning - Week Beginning 20th April

Keep up with your GPS with some revision of Co-coordinating and subordinating conjunctions

TITANIC PROJECT - These are the first activities to complete this week. There are 3 lessons: The construction of the Titanic, the claims it was unsinkable - using primary and secondary sources and the rooms aboard the Titanic.Please keep all your learning together so that it can make a big project pack about the Titanic. We will move on each week to explore a different aspect of the topic, so please try and keep up with the tasks.

Art Gallery - Your task is to use the attached information (and any of your own research) to create a portrait in the style of Picasso. You can use any media of your choice. My only request is that you send me a photograph or a scanned picture of your artwork. I will ask some of the teachers to judge their favourite. Please can all photos/images be sent by Sunday .

Here are some examples: