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Week 4 22.06.2020

This week marks the first week with the new learning format.


Bubble A

Mon - Wed - in school.

Thur - Fri - access your home work below.


Bubble B

Mon - Tues - access your home work below.

Wed - Fri - in school.

Day 1&2 home work




We are looking at ratio this week. Click the link below to go through what is ratio and then take the quiz at the end. There are also some tasks below for you to practise what you have learnt.



My evil twin!

Last week, we all wrote a short paragraph about our evil twin. Now, your idea has been made into a huge Hollywood blockbuster!  Write a film synopsis about your evil twin story and think of a catchy title and tag line. 

Other activities to have a go at:

  • Create a film poster advertising your film.
  • Create a cast list - who would you cast to play the leading roles?
  • Write a play script for one of the scenes including stage directions.