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Year 2 - Willow

Mr Neill's daily message:


Friday 27th March.

Hello Willow Class.

Sorry I'm, a bit late with this morning's update -I've been having some issues with my internet connection.

Did you hear the clapping last night in support of care workers? It happened up and down the whole country, which was amazing. I felt quite emotional! Year 5 have started making rainbow pictures to display in their windows to cheer people the few passers-by who are on their way to essential jobs to and show your support for the NHS, which is a really lovely idea. Maybe we could join in with our own rainbows? 

Don't forget the new gallery page below. Email me any work you would like to share. Another place you can share work is in: 


J2e is a program you can use to save writing and drawings on, which I can also access to see your work there. If you want to give it a try, search j2e or go to . Once on the site, select 'LGfL' then 'simple USO login'. Use your LGfL log in which you were given (email me if you have lost the letter). Then select 'JIT5' to access the program we have used in class to make branching diagrams to sort animals and shapes. You can also try the other tabs to type, draw pictures, create an animation, program a turtle-bot, make charts or pictograms. Make sure any tasks completed there are saved! Then I can log in and see your work.


I have uploaded the learning for next week (w/c 31st March) to allow you to plan ahead a bit. Please don't feel under pressure to rush through it all!

Have a good weekend!


Yesterday's riddle:

Q: How many squares can you see? Look carefully!

A: There are 44 squares altogether!


Today's riddle:

Q: What can you only use after you break it?

Check back on Monday for the answer and a new puzzle!

The importance of soap

My daughter and I made this little video to visually demonstrate the importance of soap when keeping those pesky germs away.

Year 2 Willow Class Home Learning during the Coronavirus closure

In accordance with the latest government advice, we have had to close some of the school, including Year 2, until further notice. Of course, this is not ideal but with your help, we will endeavour to keep your child’s learning moving forward during this unprecedented situation.


On a weekly basis I will post suggestions for activities, projects, websites and videos that we would like your child to access. Frequently, this will involve logging in to the LGFL (London Grid For Learning) suite of websites. You will have recently received a letter with your child’s individual username and password. These login details will remain in place for the duration of your child's time at St Richard's, so please keep them safe and secure. Whenever a website prompts you to login, look for the red 'USO Login' button to enter the username and password. 


You may find the following parents’ guides to maths and grammar useful:


We understand that each family will be coping with the current situation in different ways, which may affect how much and how often you will be available to support your child with their work, but ideally, we would like each child to attempt at least one activity per day. A little every day keeps up the momentum.


I will do my best to make the activities fun and to provide some variety, but as this is uncharted territory for all of us, I would welcome any feedback. You can reach me at:  with any questions or comments, or to share any work or updates on what your child has been up to.


Do take care, and I will hopefully see you all sooner rather than later.

-Mr Neill




Welcome to Willow Class Page

We hope you will find the information below informative and fun. Check out our Gallery for photos of what we have been up to. For information about time tables, swimming & PE days, how to help your child etc. see our Class Information page and for other news go to Class News.