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Week 2 - Week Beginning 30th March 2020

For the White Rose Maths... Please complete Week 1. We will cover week 2 after Easter.

If you want to print the worksheets, select A3 scaled in the sizing options and it fits the page. 

Try the next arithmetic quiz - maybe you could challenge a parent or carer!

Reading Comprehension....use this to get ahead for our topic project after Easter!

Let's continue our science learning - this is very topical at the moment! Have a look through the slides and then set up the experiment at the end.

Time to design 

Imagine you were to go on the TV show Dragon’s Den, design a prototype for a product you believe would be useful to someone. This could be anything. Throughout our lives we come across an array of products that were designed by someone at some point and now, are used by lots of people. Things like the selfiestick, pop sockets (for your phones) and ‘heelies’ all started off as prototypes and have evolved over the years to become more efficient and effective. Once you have designed (maybe even created) a prototype, can you build on this? Can you get feedback from family members to make it more efficient or effective? Once you are happy with your initial design, can you come up with some branding/marketing/a pitch to help people see the usefulness and raise awareness of your product? Maybe you can make it link to the current situation!