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Week Beginning 21st September


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable (exact dates and times could change!)




This week we will start by adding suffixes to root words to create adjectives. We will learn that some suffixes work with some root words but not others e.g. -ly could be added to ‘bright’ but not ‘big’.

We will then imagine we are walking through the streets of London during the Great Fire, using the adjectives we created to describe what we see. We will try to make our descriptions as powerful as possible e.g. how could we improve ‘The big fire burned the houses’?

We will practice using bullet points to take notes.

Last week we wrote simple diary entries, writing in the first person, using the past tense, sequencing events and using time phrases such as ‘after that’, ‘later’ and ‘next’. We also learnt about Samuel Pepys and his famous diary. We will end this week by writing our own diary entry from the point of view of the cat that Pepys saw.



This week we will be revisiting the digraphs /ue/ as in ‘glue’, /aw/ as in ‘saw’, /ph/ as in ‘phone’ and /wh/ as in ‘wheel’. See:



In maths we have spent the first two weeks working through a special set of lessons, designed to catch up on key concepts of place value from Year 1. The first two lessons of this week bring that series to a close and we will then be switching over to ‘normal’ Year 2 place value lessons. This week, the numbering of the lessons may seem confusing, since after the final recap lessons (PVR10 and PVR11), we go to PV5 and PV6, but after that, the lessons will continue in order.

The slides are saved in Power Point format, as they are intended to be interactive. If you find that format causes problems (e.g. on Apple devices), I can upload the slides as PDF format, but that will mean that the answers are fully visible. Where possible, the first slide for each lesson will include a link to an accompanying video. 


Big Picture:

This week’s Big Picture history lessons heavily overlap with our literacy.

We will be role-playing the experiences of the cat that Pepys saw pulled from a building.  Watch:

Then, re-telling the story of the fire from the cat’s point of view. 

We will use teabags/watered-down coffee to create old parchment-style paper to write our Great Fire Of London diaries onto.

Computing: Keep safe on the internet cartoon (Free registration required).



We will be learning about the Qu’ran and why it is so important to Muslims, and reflecting on which books and other objects are special to us and why.


Please see below for this week’s planning


Please see below for any resources needed for delivery of this week's planning