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This is now your Easter break! 

Have fun!


If you want to keep your brain active there are plenty of tasks in the section called additional learning tasks. You also have a lot of websites you can access and LGFL too. 


There are a few Easter related tasks below. 


Even though we are not  in school, you can still create your egg display.


You can also:

  • Work on your own projects.
  • Get lots of fresh air.
  • Find a way to raise some money at home and donate it to a local charity.
  • Learn a life skill - make a bed, cook breakfast, wash the car, make a cup of tea or master a shortbread recipe.
  • Have a movie night - put up the Christmas lights, close the curtains, get some snacks, wear your pjs and relax.
  • Have a pamper afternoon.
  • Play a game together.
  • Eat lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.


But most importantly, give thanks for all we have. Give thanks for all of those that help us, for all of those that support and love us and for our health and our happiness. Reflect upon what this time really means, and whilst the world may appear a little different, let us us this as a time to pray for new beginnings and give hope that changes will soon come. 


Dear Lord God, we thank you that you are a forgiving God, who wipes out all the wrongs from the past, and starts anew with us today.

Bring healing and comfort to those who are anxious, upset, lonely, or ill today; encourage those who help and care for them. May all who suffer be led from pain to peace.

We give you thanks for your loving mercy shown to us in Jesus Christ, who endured the suffering of the cross to overcome all that separates us from you, and was raised up to new life.

Strengthen our faith in the victory of the cross and the hope of eternal life. Help us to grow in the life which does not end, in love and friendship with you, which lasts for ever; through your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Easter Art Ideas