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Stone Age Wow Day Picture Gallery

We went 'Hunting and Gathering' for berries, fruits etc, and collected sticks and stones to squish them up and make our own paint!

We used our home-made paint along with charcoal and chalk to create art in the style of the Palaeolithic era, depicting animals, figures and human hands.

In the afternoon we created our own relief 'fossils' by pressing shells into soft clay.

Finally, we learnt how Palaeontologists have to be careful and patient while they are digging, as we used hammers, chisels, scrapers and brushes to excavate dinosaur fossils from blocks of chalk stone. Finally, we had to assemble the 'bones' to create our creature. We found a Brachiosaurus, a Mammoth, a Triceratops, a Stegosaurus and a T-Rex!