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PE and Swimming







At St Richard’s CofE Primary School, we recognise the importance of Physical Education and the role it has to play in promoting long term, healthy lifestyle choices.

The intent of our PE curriculum is to provide all children with high quality PE and sport provision which develops their skills in both the short and long term. Our vision is for every pupil to succeed and achieve their potential as well as to lead physically active lifestyles.

Through our teaching of PE, we aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop values and transferable life skills such as fairness and respect as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in competitive sport.



We strive to inspire our pupils through fun and engaging PE lessons that are enjoyable, challenging and accessible to all. We have a strong record of inclusivity and adaptation, as we believe all children have a right to high quality Physical Education, regardless of individual requirements or difficulties.

The same specialist staff deliver PE lessons to all year groups, including Early Years, enabling accurate assessment and appropriate progression.  St Richard’s is fortunate enough to have a large playing field and our own indoor swimming pool with specialist swimming instructors who also teach and assess all year groups. Accurate assessment allows us to identify areas of strength and concern, both individually and as a school. Both sports coaches and teaching staff provide extra-curricular clubs for both Key Stage 1 and 2.

For all St Richard's sports teams, selection is based primarily on ability, with each child’s commitment, consistency and behavioural attitude then taken into account. We impress upon the children the responsibility that comes with representing the school within the wider community. These factors are assessed on an on-going basis through the year, during PE lessons, clubs and training sessions.



Please see below for the yearly overview of Physical Education lessons



At St Richard’s, P.E is taught as a basis for lifelong learning, where the children have access to a wide range of activities in the belief that if the children are taught well and are allowed to succeed, then they will continue to have a physically active life. A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all children to become physically confident in a way which supports their on-going health and fitness.

Although enjoyment is the priority, we deliver a progression of the general and specific skills needed for a child to advance into later life with the sports and activities they love. We provide opportunities for children to participate in competitive sport, learning from both victory and defeat, to build character and nurture values such as fairness, cooperation and respect.

Sports Gallery

The information below identifies the intent, implementation and impact of our Physical Education curriculum for year 1-6

For all of our sporting achievements please click on the link below

We took the boys' and girls' football squads to Wembley Stadium for the Women's FA Cup Final!





All children in Reception to Year 6 swim weekly throughout the year  in our onsite, refurbished, indoor pool and the majority of children are confident swimmers by the end of Key Stage 2. This achievement impacts their confidence right across the curriculum.


Pupils are assessed by the swimming teachers on a termly basis and an annual report is given to parents at the end of the academic year which identifies the pupil's progress and current attainment level. 


Our pool operators Springboard Swimmers, teach in groups of up to 7 learners and focus on developing good quality stoke  and breathing technique until children are confident, competent swimmers. In Year 6 children are taught some basic life saving techniques.


Our strongest swimmers are invited to our 'Elite' sessions before school and the coaches work on their strength and stamina. They go on to represent the school in the borough swimming gala.



The document below gives further information on the Springboard Schools Curriculum. 

The documents in the links below give guidance on the skills that the children will develop whilst learning to swim and the stages of progression for both foundation and intermediate level.  There is an additional link for information about the criteria for squad level. 

Private swimming lessons outside school hours


After-school private lessons are provided by Springboard Swimmers. For further details please visit the website or alternatively send them a message via the 'contact us' page.