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Week Beginning 21st September


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable




This week we will be continuing with our Iron Man text. We will exploring how the author uses language to build up imagery (a picture in our minds), we will then use language for effect in our own writing to create a menu for the Iron Man. We will also be understanding the way in which Ted Hughes uses repetition and short phrases and applying this in our writing of an astronaut's log book. In reading we will be completing an assessment of our retrieval questions and then moving on to inference questions. These are lessons 5&6 on the plan. In spelling we will be learning the -ous spelling as well as working on our own individual spellings. These spelling were sent home last week. 



In maths we will continuing understanding place value. This week we will be adding 10, 100 and 1000 more, counting in steps and ordering 4 digit numbers. In addition we be applying our knowledge of number to round to the nearest 100. All activity sheets will be found on the planning document. 


Big Picture:

We will be creating our own Iron Man in the style of Anthony Gormley. We will use chicken wire and tools to create a model to scale which shows movement. There is not a specific plan for this as it will all be practical and learning through demonstration. At home children could use other materials or tin foil if they wish. 



We will be continuing with our topic of Jesus in the Bible. We have explored how Jesus refers to himself as the bread of life and the light of the world. This week we shall be understanding the significance of the reference to him as a shepherd. 



In Science we will be classifying animals further, specifically looking at each species and how they are defined. 


Please see below for this week’s planning


Please see below for any resources needed for delivery of this week's planning