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Age 7-9 Category

Some of our 7-9 category readers with their recommendations

 Llama Out Loud by Annabelle Sami - here's a clip of author Annabelle Sami giving a short reading from the book.

 Edith said this is her favourite book so far and Arthur says he's really enjoying it and loves how annoying the Llama can be to the girl!

The Long Lost Diary of the World's Worst Samurai - Tim Collins

A great book for lovers of Horrible Histories. Jadon in Y2 said he really enjoyed it. It combines the story of Suki, who is desperately but unsuccessfully trying to become a samurai warrior. Sadly she is sent home from Samurai school for her mistakes but when her village is under threat, can she save the day? 

Too Small Tola - Atinuke

This is Iris from Y2 on World Book Day with her favourite book!

Year 4 read this as a class book - and enjoyed these warm tales of tiny but mighty Tola. We watched Atinuke's talk and learnt that there are more Tola books available, so we'll be adding these to our wishlists.

Willow Wild Thing - Gill Lewis

Year 2 read this as a class book and voted for it as their favourite in the 7-9 category. After author Gill Lewis's talk, they had a great discussion about which of the Wild Things they are most like. This is also the first in a series, so we'll be looking out for more books about Willow's adventures.