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Week 2 - 30/03/20

Maths activities for the week:

This week we're looking at Shape and Space in Maths. The three areas we are looking at are: spatial awareness and positional language, 3D shapes and 2D shapes. Below are activities covering these 3 areas:


Spatial awareness and Positional Language

The Children should be encouraged to be using positional language e.g. in front, behind, next to, under, on top, around, through, to the left, right etc...

Some good stories full of positional language are:

We're going on a Bear Hunt -

Rosie's Walk -

Little Red Riding Hood -

Mrs Wishy-Washy's farm -

Me on a Map -


Activity 1:

Children could draw a map of their house/bedroom/treasure maps or plan out and draw a journey e.g. to the park or their grandparents. They can give/write instructions e.g. go straight until you get to the tree, walk around the tree and turn left. 

Activity 2: 

Set up an obstacle course, give directions first to you child of how to complete the course e.g. Go over the bridge, through the tunnel, around the cones. Then encourage the children to create their own obstacle courses for you or other siblings. 


3D shapes

3D shapes

These are a selection of 3D shapes to explore with your child. You can talk about how many faces, edges and vertices they have. Ask them questions such as: Which shapes are good for building a tower and which are not? and why? Which shapes roll and why that is? 


Activity 3

Go on a shape hunt around your house, look for all of the 3D shapes shown above, you'll be surprised how many of them you will find in the kitchen. EXT - Find/collect 3D shapes (junk modelling) of all shapes and sizes in the recycling and make something with them e.g. a rocket, car, alien. 


Activity 4

Make play dough using the recipe I have added under the recipe link on the homepage and then see which 3D shapes you can make. 


2D Shapes

These are a selection of 2D shapes to explore with your child. You can talk about how many sides and corners they have. Ask them questions such as: Are the sides straight or curved? If we turn the shape around is it still the same shape?

Activity 5

Links with activity 3, go on a 2D shape hunt this time, draw/paint/write about what you found. 


What shapes can you see here?


Literacy/phonics activities for the week:


Sounds of the week: ch, sh, th, ng

  • Try making some words with these sounds
  • Have a go at reading some words containing these sounds
  • Make some flashcards and test your parents or siblings. 


Activity 1

Write a letter to me or someone important to you (grandparents, cousins etc) tell them about what you have been up to and what your planning to do in the next few weeks, maybe you really want to learn to ride your bike or learn to play tennis. You could also ask them some questions about what they have been doing.


Activity 2

Listen to one of these stories every day:

Let me know which was your favourite. Maybe you could write a book review or act out the story or draw/paint the story. 


Activity 3




Art activities:

Here are some lovely easter craft activities from pinterest:

Science activities: 

Please carry on with documenting your pea plants, I would love to see how they are growing and how you are looking after them. 

You could also:

  • ​​​​​​​Write instructions for a family member on how to sow a seed
  • Write instructions on how to care for your plants
  • Write a story all about your plant​​​​​​​

Miss Saffer's pea plant

Here are my diary entries...