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Our Reviews - fiction 9-11

Adam 2 - Alistair Chisholm

Hundreds of years in the future in a city that used to be Edinburgh, robots and humans have been at war. No-one is winning and much damage has been done. It's a deep book with many themes about what makes us human and there is much there for older readers too. Max and Leo Y6 both found the book took a bit of getting into but Leo found the ending really good. Once it gets going you have to find out what happens - it's gripping and tense.

The Valley of Lost Secrets - Lesley Parr

Set in Wales during World War Two, a group of children are evacuated from London. At first they find it very hard to settle into a new place, and some of the locals are not very welcoming. Then the boys makes a shocking find, in a tree and life bizarrely begins to get better. Yuriko Y6, found it a bit slow to start - as did other readers but it got more exciting.



Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything - Sam Copeland

Wolfstongue - Sam Thompson & illustrator Anna Tromop