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Tuesday 24.03.2020

Hello Year 1!

It is our second official day  of learning from home! 

Remember! You can find all the tasks for the week in the "Week 1".


9:00- let`s start with Joe-  Tuesday 24th March 2020

9:30 -Have a go at some of the Literacy activities. 

10.00 - Stop for a snack, a break and some fresh air!

10.30 - Now have a go at some of the Maths activities. 

11.15 - Have a look at some of the online learning links - try out one of the recommended ones before you choose an activity of your choice.

12.00 - Time for a break and some lunch....maybe you could help your mum?

After lunch-Time for phonics- Look for Phonics Folder.


Please try to read daily - 10 minutes!

And remember to practise your weekly spellings everyday.


I have also added some pictures -in Gallery- of our fantastic last day at school!


Hope you have a wonderful sunny day with your families!

Miss you all!


Mrs Wagner


Joke of the day:

What did one plate say to the other plate?

Dinner is on me!

Play with colours- Can you make a rainbow to put in your window/door to spread some joy and hope! I am waiting for your pictures.