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Week 14 - Week beginning 06/07

Bubble A

Mon - Tues - in school.

Thur - Fri - access your home work below.


Bubble B

Mon - Tues - access your home work below.

Thurs - Fri - in school.


Day 1&2 home work


Sports day

Sport's day is coming up! Practice your throwing, catching, running and jumping skills outside or wherever you can :)



On the moon!

Last week, we all wrote a short paragraph about being on the moon. Now, your idea has been made into a huge Hollywood blockbuster!  Write a plot for your sci-fi space adventure and think of a catchy title and tag line. 

Other activities to have a go at:

  • Create a film poster advertising your film.
  • Create a cast list - who would you cast to play the leading roles?


Additional activities