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Week Beginning 12th October


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable




We will be using adverbial phrases to describe both place (e.g. next to, opposite) and time (e.g. at first, later on). We will then look at composing questions that will generate relevant factual answers, specifically about Ham and our local area. For example, asking “Are there any schools in Ham?” would be answered “Yes” which doesn’t tell you much, whereas the question “What are the names of the schools in Ham?” would lead to a more detailed, informative answer. We will then look at the different features and uses of four sentence types: statement, questions, commands and exclamations.



This week we will be revisiting the split digraph /u_e/ as in ‘tune’. We will then look at alternative sounds for known graphemes: /ow/ as in ‘grow’ instead of ‘wow’, /a/  as in ‘apron’ instead of ‘cat’ and /a/ as in ‘after’.



In maths will look at counting in 3s before moving onto addition. We will investigate how knowing our number bonds to 10 (e.g. 9+1, 8+2 etc) can help us know our number bonds to 20. Then we will look at how addition and subtraction relate as ‘opposites’.

The slides are saved in Power Point format, as they are intended to be interactive. If you find that format causes problems (e.g. on Apple devices), you can use the PDF versions, but that will mean that the answers are fully visible. Where possible, the first slide for each lesson will include a link to an accompanying video. 


Big Picture:

We will use the laptops a lot this week; first to create Islamic shape pattern art in the ‘Paint’ program, and then begin to learn how to access our developing Google classroom platform, which will be used more heavily after half term. We will also use the laptops to research facts about Ham on the child-friendly search engine

Have a look at our Gallery webpage to see our Great Fire Of London display!



We will be learning about Islamic art using repeating shape patterns, creating our own on the computer, and reflecting on our own responses to beauty and shape in the natural world.


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