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This week we continue to learn Phase 1 phonics. This week is all about listening to and making different sounds as well as starting to hear single sounds in words. See if you can try one phonics activity each day. 



Explore different sounds your voice and mouth can make. See if you can make these different sounds:

■ Make your voice go down a slide – wheee!

■ Make your voice bounce like a ball – boing, boing

■ Sound really disappointed – oh

■ Hiss like a snake – ssssss

■ Keep everyone quiet – shshshsh

■ Gently moo like a cow – mmmoooo

■ Look astonished – oooooo!

■ Be a steam train – chchchchch

■ Buzz like a bumble bee – zzzzzzz

■ Be a clock – tick tock.

Now see if you can make 2 sounds together eg. hee haw like a donkey, choochoo woo woo like a train. Or combine any 2 of the sounds above to make a 2 sound chain eg sssss mooooo, tick tock shshsh! Have fun!


Once you have practised these sounds see if you can make a chain of sounds. With your family have one person make a sound, the next person says the first sound and then adds their sound, the third person says the first 2 sounds and then adds a third.

ie person 1 says ooooh, person 2 says oooohhhh tick tock, person 3 says ooooohh tick tock choochoo. See how long you can make the chain before it gets broken!



Make amplifiers (trumpet shapes) from simple cones of paper or lightweight card and experiment by making different noises through the cones. Try making an up and down sound like a siren, the honk of a fog horn, a peep, peep, peep of a bird. Make a loud sound and then a soft sound. See if you can say the starting sound of your name into the trumpet. Now try the starting sound of people in your family. Now try saying your name into the trumpet. How does it sound?




Get your child to look in the mirror and observe their faces, lips, teeth and tongue as they make different speech sounds and experiment with their voices. They can use the same sounds as activity 1 and even watch themselves play their trumpet from activity 2.



Choose your favourite story to read together. Discuss with the children how they can use their voices to add sounds to the stories for a particular character or noises in the story.  (e.g. whispering, growling, shouting, squeaking) As you read the story get your child to add in the sounds as you go along.



Use the robot template and the cards below to do this activity. Alternatively you can use objects around your house but try and use objects with 3 or 4 sounds. like p - e - g, l-e-g-o,

First look at the picture cards. Ask your child to tell you the names of the pictures. Show 'Metal Mike' the robot. Say that Metal Mike is a computer and so he talks with a robot voice. Ask the children to name the first object. Demonstrate how to say the word using robot talk using your robot arms in a robotic voice and saying each sound in the word

(e.g. cat would be said as 3 separate sounds  ‘c -a - t’). Feed the object or picture into Metal Mike. Get your child to first listen to you robot talking the words and then get them to repeat it before 'feeding' the word to Mike.