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Year 5 - Cedar


Good morning lovelies!

I hope you're all well, and managing to keep yourselves busy.

I did the Joe Wicks workout for the first time yesterday, and you were right - it is SO HARD! It's fun though, so I think I will do it again today.

I know some of you have been making rainbows to display in your windows to make people feel cheery and show your support for the NHS, which is a really lovely idea. Did any of you hear the clapping last night in support of care workers? It was amazing. I hope you joined in too.

In other news, I have now added a folder at the bottom of this page so you can see all the amazing your work friends have been doing this week.


Have a wonderful weekend Year 5, really try and make the most of it. Don't forget to help your family around the house when you can, too.


Speak to you all on Monday,

Miss Powell  smiley



I realise I've been going on and on about 'j2e' with lots of you not knowing what that is.

J2e is a program you can use to save writing and drawings on, which I can also access to see your work there. If you want to give it a try, search j2e or go to . Once on the site, select 'LGfL' then 'simple USO login'. Use your LGfL log in which you were given (email me if you have lost the letter). Then select 'j2 write' to start. Make sure any tasks completed there are saved.


Welcome to Cedar Class Page

In accordance with the latest government advice, we have had to close the school until further notice. Of course, this is not ideal but with your help, we will endeavour to keep your child’s learning moving forward during this unprecedented situation.


On a weekly basis I will post work for all the children to complete. Please check the page regularly. 

In addition, I will add suggestions for activities, projects, websites and videos that we would like your child to access.

If you would like to send me any learning electronically such as a word document, a photo of something you have created or a video you have made, please do so at . I would really love to see what you have been doing! Also, if you need any help, please let me know. 


You may find the following parents’ guides to maths and grammar useful:


To help you to plan for your day, here is a suggested timetable that you could use. It might help you manage your learning and your family fun.


8.45 -  Start of day...why not try 30 minutes of quiet reading. 

9.15 - Have a go at some of the Literacy activities. 

10.00 - Stop for a snack, a break and some fresh air!

10.30 - Now have a go at some of the Maths activities. 

11.15 - Have a look at some of the online learning links - try out one of the recommended ones before you choose an activity of your choice.

12.00 - Time for a break and some lunch....maybe you could prepare this for your family.


In the afternoon there are many things that you could do:

  • You may wish to continue to work on your Year 5 learning.

  • Work on a project of your choice - put together a book or presentation for me to read. 

  • Learn some life skills - can you make dinner? What about make the beds? Maybe you could teach your siblings? 

  • Turn your hand to some art or craft. Maybe try a science experiment.

  • Can you try a coding program - see if you can make a different scratch game - you could email me something you have created.

  • Play a game with a family member, learn a new song or have a go at some indoor exercise!