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Wednesday 22.04.2020



Good morning everyone! heart


How was your second day back? Don’t worry if it felt hard to get back into the routine of home learning, that’s totally normal when we are at school after a holiday!

Today is a new day and the sun is shining again, let’s all make it a terrific Wednesday! 😊


Another brilliant new resource that has been released to help us with home learning are daily lessons on BBC Bitesize:


This week in WhiteRoseMaths is doubling, making groups and sharing.

Try to double and halve practically using counters, cubes, dried pasta, paint, anything you can get your hands on!

Practical maths is brilliant and can be used instead of or as well as White Rose worksheets!!!



I hope you all have a great day and I look forward to catching up with you via email!

Mrs Wagner


Joke of a day!

Q:Where does the chicken like to eat? 
A: At a rooster-ant! 



Imagine there was a wild animal in your garden or left on your doorstep. Write a letter to your teacher telling them what you found and where you think it came from. Remember to think about the way a letter is laid out and the words that are used at the beginning and the end.


Maths -powerpoint

Activity: Have a jumping competition.

Measure each jump with a non-standard unit of measurement.

Who can jump the furthest? (SLIDE 6)


WhiteRoseMaths - try lesson 3- week 1



Plan some ideas for soup or a toasted sandwich (tell a grown up or jot your ideas down).

Watch the following two clips for some more inspiration: 


Have a read of these recipes for some ideas:




Handwriting letter  - f