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Week 1 - 08/06/20

This week's timetable:


  • Washing objects/toys. Why do we use soap?
  • Measuring distances. How far is 2 metres? How many little steps can we do in 2m? How many big steps?
  • Construction. How tall is our tower? Can we build a bridge?
  • Planting/observing seeds. Writing instructions on how to sow a seed.
  • Observational drawings of plants, seeds, flowers. Can talk about the different parts.
  • Nature walk. What can we see, hear and smell? Collect some leaves sticks etc...
  • Leaf and flower printing. Collage with nature objects.
  • Using stopwatches to measure time. Races etc...


Welcome and Circle time

Here is the sorting activity, which is to teach your child what they can and can't do in school at the moment. 

Here is also a pack of cards, which give ideas to discuss with your children about coronavirus:


Below are some videos recapping the phase 2 and 3 sounds. Make sure you look carefully at the sound and then give the correct phoneme. 

Phase 2 sounds

Phase 3 sounds

Please carry on using the online letters and sounds tool to support phonics sessions at home.


You may also want to use a phonics assessment to see what phonemes your child needs to learn. These are saved below. You can then focus on the phonemes that are specific to them. 


This week we are looking at measuring different heights and distances and them comparing them. In school we will be measuring each other and measuring distances and heights of objects. 

Key vocabulary: tallest, shortest, longest, smallest, taller, shorter, longer, smaller, size, length, width, height, biggest, bigger, centimetres, metres, same, different.