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At St Richard’s we strive to provide a mathematics curriculum that enables all pupils to enjoy and grow into confident mathematicians. Use of number and calculation is an essential life skill and we ensure our lessons support all learners to develop robust number sense so that they can reason mathematically and solve problems.


We are a 'Maths Mastery' school. Mastery is an approach to teaching maths that  helps children to develop their mathematical fluency. Maths is taught daily and pupils are provided with regular opportunities to secure their understanding of each concept through use of concrete resources, clear pictorial representations and tasks that reinforce and challenge them to make connections. Number and Place Value are key components of maths that underpin all other areas and we encourage children to learn and memorise important number facts that will enable them to solve simple problems. These Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) are described in more detail in our St Richard’s KIRFS document below.. 


Reasoning and problem solving are key components of all maths lessons and pupils are encouraged to see the real life applications of all areas of the subject including Calculation, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics.