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Week Beginning 5th October


Please see below for a copy of this week's timetable




We will complete our work on the Great Fire Of London by recapping the facts we have learnt and discussing the difference between statements of fact and expressing opinions. We will then begin looking at our new text, ‘A walk in London’ by Salvatore Rubbino, which includes both factual information about London and a personal recount of a little girl’s day out in the city. We will investigate the features of the two styles of writing (e.g. the recount is written in the past tense; the fact boxes are often in the present tense). We will go on walks around the school grounds and around the local area, before using prepositions and both time and place adverbials to describe our journeys.



This week we will be revisiting the split digraphs /a_e/ as in ‘game’, /e_e/ as in ‘theme’, /o_e/ as in ‘home’ and /i_e/ as in ‘time’.



In maths will look at partitioning numbers in different ways e.g. 43 could be split into 4 tens and 3 ones, or into 30 and 13, into 20 and 23 etc.

We will then move on to counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

The slides are saved in Power Point format, as they are intended to be interactive. If you find that format causes problems (e.g. on Apple devices), you can use the PDF versions, but that will mean that the answers are fully visible. Where possible, the first slide for each lesson will include a link to an accompanying video. 


Big Picture:

We will use our walks around both the school grounds and Ham to feed into work on map reading, labelling features and plotting courses, as well as our literacy work around prepositions and adverbs.

On Thursday afternoon we have instructors coming in to give the class a course on scooter safety.



We will be learning about how Muslims pray and reflecting on what prayer means to Muslims and to people of all faiths.


Please see below for this week’s planning



Please see below for any resources needed for delivery of this week's planning