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Week 2 - 15/06/20

Our topic this week is:

Let it grow!

This week we are looking at ourselves growing. What helps us grow? How do we grow? We are going to be talking about healthy eating and how to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

This weeks timetable:


  • Making fruit kebabs. Can you make a pattern? E.g. banana, banana, grape, banana, banana, grape etc..
  • Vegetable printing
  • Fruit/Veg faces. Can you find different shapes to show your eyes, nose and mouth?
  • Design a dinner/lunch? Can you make it healthy?
  • Food sorting. Healthy/Unhealthy?


Stories to read: Handas Surprise, Hungry Caterpillar. 

Watch them here:




This week we are looking at numbers to 10 as a recap, focusing on being able to write the numbers, order the numbers and matching the numbers to amounts.


Activity 1: Making a pictogram with favourite foods.

Activity 2: Counting caterpillars. Using this template or your own one, add on parts of the caterpillar's body depending on what the corresponding number is. You can use paint or stick on round shapes. 


  • Shopping lists
  • Writing out the story of the hungry caterpillar? Could you change the animal? Or what he eats?

Here are some pictures to remind you of what happened: