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Week 2 Learning - Week Beginning 30/03/20

As well as your 'Classroom Secrets' learning pack you can complete these activities this week. 

Remember you can email me with any questions or pictures/documents of work you have completed. 


Don't forget to read for at least half an hour a day and practise your timetables for 15 minutes a day!

Miss Cessford smiley


Maths activities for the week
Daily decimal lessons: 

Fractions revision:

Go to Busy Things > log in via the LGFL login > Normal USO login > your username and password. 


Have a go at a few maths activities that will appear on your pin board 

- Miner Birds (Fractions) 

- Fractions Quiz 

Timestables practise:



Literacy activities for the week

Writing activity - Write a diary entry about how the first week off school was spent. How did it differ to a normal week at school? Remember to include all the appropriate features: First person, past tense, informal, your thoughts and feelings, time adverbials to link events.





Spelling activity - Practise your spellings for this week (Week 6 in your Home Learning Book) and get your parents to test you at the end of the week. 


Also have a practise at a few of Year 3/4 common exception words each day. Write the meaning of the word, synonyms, antonyms and an example of how to use the word in a sentence. 



Grammar/Punctuation activity - 

Reading activity

Have a go at this reading comprehension about garden birds. Pick which level of difficulty you want, read the text and then answer the questions. Don't forget to check your answers using the answer sheet. 


★ Easy: Pages 1 - 4 

★★ Medium: Pages 5 - 8 

★★★ Difficult/Challenge: 9 - 14 


Science activities for the week

As you know, we've been focusing this term on sound in science. 


1. Complete this worksheet about how sounds travel by cutting and sticking the captions in the correct order. If you don't have a printer, have a go at drawing out the pictures and captions on a piece of paper. 



2. Try this investigation to explore how sounds change over a distance.


You will need:

  • Two paper cups 
  • A compass or sewing needle to make holes in the cups 
  • 10 m of string


Follow these instructions and then have a go at the 'activity sheet' attached below. 


Big picture / Art activities for the week

In school we have learnt a lot about children being evacuated to the countryside. Do you remember Lenny from our book 'The Lion and the Unicorn'. He had to wear a label pinned to his jacket as he got to the train station. Watch this video clip to hear a real life story of an evacuee as she retraces the journey and describes what it was like to leave home and live with a different family and attend a different school. 

I would like you to research evacuee labels like the one below and make your own. You could make it look old by staining with tea bags.