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Practise your running skills by playing this game:



You will need at least 2 people to play. 1 person stands in the middle of the playing area (the pond) and is the fish. The other person stands on the edge of the playing area (the edge of the pond) and is the frog. Scattered around the pond are some flies (any objects you choose to use). The frog must swim across the pond, pick up a 'fly' and swim to the other side without being caught by the fish! The frog can only pick up one fly at a time. Once the frog has safely reached the other side with it's fly it can then swim back to the other side collecting another fly on its way, without getting caught. If the frog gets caught, that person is then out, or if you only have 2 people playing the people swap roles. If you have more people playing you can have more frogs!


Happy swimming!