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Bold Bright Beautiful

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Vision and Values

Vision Statement

We aim to nurture and inspire our children to achieve without limits, live out our Faith ID and courageously embrace the world, fostering good physical, mental health and wellbeing for all. Made in God's image, we choose to be Bold, Bright and Beautiful.



Our Faith ID

We stand shoulder to shoulder always ready to forgive

We use our heads to make good choices and achieve our best in all we do

We use our eyes and ears to learn what Jesus teaches us

We open our hearts to trust and worship God

We join our hands in love and friendship

We use our tongues truthfully and responsibly

We use our feet to share God's love with our community


St Richard’s is proud to be an inclusive church school, growing rapidly in number, faith and expectation. We believe that God has a plan and purpose for each of our children, which goes well beyond results, although they of course play a significant part. We welcome all families - of all faiths and none - who are passionate to see their children fulfil their God-given potential.


Our Statement of Faith 

We want every child to know that God is good and that he loves them. We ensure that children have a positive and authentic experience of Christianity on which they can build in the future.


Our expectation is for our whole community to embody...

Personal values of love, honesty, endurance, reverence and wisdom

Relational values of love, trust, compassion, truthfulness and forgiveness

Community values of relationship, direction, hope and justice


By choosing our school all new parents agree to support this ethos. Please see attachments: